Chin-Chia Wu

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The scheduling problem with deteriorating jobs to minimize the makespan on a single machine where the facility has an availability constraint is studied in this paper. By a deteriorating job we mean that the processing time for the job is a function of its starting time. Even with the introduction of the availability to a facility, the linear deteriorating(More)
BACKGROUND Identification of patients at risk of death from cancer surgery should aid in preoperative preparation. The purpose of this study is to assess and adjust the age-adjusted Charlson comorbidity index (ACCI) to identify cancer patients with increased risk of perioperative mortality. METHODS We identified 156,151 patients undergoing surgery for one(More)
In this paper we introduce a new scheduling model with learning effects in which the actual processing time of a job is a function of the total normal processing times of the jobs already processed and of the job’s scheduled position. We show that the single-machine problems to minimize makespan and total completion time are polynomially solvable. In(More)
In many realistic situations, a job processed later consumes more time than the same job when it is processed earlier; this phenomenon is known as deteriorating jobs. However, job deterioration is relatively unexplored in the context of group technology. In this paper, we consider deterioration in the framework ofminimizing themakespan and the total(More)