Chin-Chi Wu

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In recent years much attention has been given to providing the proportional delay differentiation through the packet scheduling. The issue of the performance of the scheduling algorithms also increases in importance when the line speed increases significantly as a result of the optical technology. In this paper we propose an efficient packet scheduling(More)
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) recommended the deployment of Active Queue Management (AQM) in the Internet routers in 1998. There were more than 50 new AQM algorithms which have been proposed since 1999. They did not consider the server fairness problem caused by AQM mechanisms proposed. However, it happens that one may intentionally, but in a(More)
This work analyzes whether a parallel packet switch (PPS) can emulate an output queued (OQ) packet switch. The class of PPS is characterized by the deployment of parallel low-speed switches. Each lower speed packet switch operates at only a fraction of the input line rate R. This study develops and investigates a PPS which distributes cells to low-speed(More)