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In this paper, the problem of constraint-based pattern discovery is investigated. By allowing more user-specified constraints other than traditional rule measurements, e.g., minimum support and minimum confidence, research work on this topic endeavoured to reflect real interest of analysts and relieve them from the overabundance of rules. Surprisingly, very(More)
A data warehouse is an important decision support system with cleaned and integrated data for knowledge discovery and data mining systems. In reality, the data warehouse mining system has provided many applicable solutions in industries, yet there are still many problems causing users extra problems in discovering knowledge or even failing to obtain the(More)
The classical algorithms for mining association rule require the user to specify a support threshold to determine if an itemset is frequent or not. Unfortunately, the setting of support threshold is subjective without clear standard and has great influence on the mining results. In this paper we propose an intelligent minimum support suggestion framework(More)
In the information era, the development of various electronic information resources have dramatically grown, mining useful information from large databases has become one of the most important issues in information research for users. Information technologies have provided many applicable solutions, yet there are still many problems that cause users to(More)
1 Business data are subject to change by time or by the modifications of business rules. New knowledge needs to be extracted to reflect the most up to date situations hence periodic or occasional re-mining is essential. This paper proposes an active multidimen-sional association mining framework that incorporates with user preference ontology, which(More)
Multidimensional association mining from data warehouse has become a knowledge discovery paradigm because it provides more specific conditional settings for target mining data, thus can generate rules more close to users’ needs. Yet data warehouse is subject to change by time or the modifications of business rules. Users might not know this change and(More)
A data warehouse is an essential component to the decision support system. The traditional data warehouse provides only numeric and character data analysis. But as information technologies progress, complex data such as semi-structured and unstructured data become vastly used. Developing new data warehouse technologies to accommodate the demand of(More)
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