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We report three cases of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis that occurred in women of reproductive age (range, 25 to 36 years). These patients presented with breast masses of 2.5, 7, and 10 cm. One patient also had erythema nodosum. On biopsy specimens, the characteristic histopathologic features of granulomatous inflammation, centered on mammary lobules,(More)
The overall cure rate of patients with metastatic non-seminoma of the testis is high and a recent survey of 795 patients by the Medical Research Council indicated that 85% were alive 3 years after the start of chemotherapy. Two major categories of patients can be identified with a poorer prognosis. First are those with adverse prognostic factors at(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the ocular complications of paintball injuries in children. METHODS The clinical course of four children with traumatic ocular paintball injuries was evaluated. All patients underwent a complete ocular examination. Their age, injuries sustained, surgical procedure(s) performed, presence of protective eyewear at the time of injury, and(More)