Chikatoshi Yamada

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RSA encryption is widely used in public crypto systems. However, according to recent development of computer processing, decipher can be executed in 512-bit key length. Therefore, it has been recommended to move to RSA 2048 from RSA 1024. However, as key length increases, the amount of computation is increased for encryption. Consequently, we consider(More)
Recently, demands for skillful engineers for developing higher application of embedded systems increase in the industry. In both universities and national colleges of technology, the higher education for embedded technology skill has been practiced in Japan. However, the systematization of the curriculum for embedded skill training is an item to be solved.(More)
Verification is critical to the design of large and complex systems. SPIN is a well-known and extensively used verification tool. In this paper, we consider two tool chains, one existing, WSAT, and one introduced here, that support using SPIN to model check systems specified as Simulink Stateflow models. We present algorithms for doing the necessary(More)
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