Chikara Sakamoto

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This report demonstrates for the first time that P5, a member of the protein disulphide isomerase (PDI) family, is present in the mitochondria. Various organelles were screened for proteins bearing the CGHC motif using an affinity column conjugated with the phage antibody 5E, which cross-reacts with PDI family proteins. P5 was found in bovine liver(More)
Beta adrenergic receptors (beta-ARs) are members of the G-protein-coupled receptor superfamily and mediate various physiological processes in many species. The expression patterns and functions of beta-ARs in zebrafish are, however, largely unknown. We have identified zebrafish beta-AR orthologs, which we have designated as adrb1, adrb2a, adrb2b, adrb3a and(More)
The most important strategies in pharmacogenomics are gene expression profiling and the network analysis of human disease models. We have previously discovered novel drug target candidates in cardiovascular diseases through investigations of these pharmacogenomics. The significant induction of S100C mRNA and protein expression was detected in the rat(More)
A novel expression vector for human cells, pIFP, which expresses a cloned gene under the control of the human interferon-alpha-encoding gene (IFN-alpha) promoter (pIFN) was constructed. As a model of glycoprotein production, a human erythropoietin-encoding cDNA (EPO) inserted downstream from pIFN in pIFP was introduced into human B-cell leukemia-derived(More)
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