Chikao Yamagishi

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IA cohort study of nuclear industry workers was initiated in 1990 to determine the possible health effects of low-level radiation. A total of 5,527 deaths were ascertained among 176,000 male workers who had been retrospectively and/or prospectively followed for an average of 7.9 years during the observation period 1986-1997. Statistical analyses were made(More)
was h igher than in the cancer. ALP in the saliva of the cancer was much h igher than in the ulcer at pre and postoperative phase. Acid-P in the sal iva was under 9 uni t in bo th the ulcer and the cancer and then serum showed the same tendency. GOT in the ulcer was less compared with the cancer and it was less in the saliva than in the serum. GPT showed(More)
To examine confounding on the risk assessment of the radiation workers at nuclear facilities in Japan, a questionnaire survey of their characteristics such as life-style and occupational history was performed for 54,369 male and 470 female workers who were currently engaged in the job and valid answers were obtained from 48,281 males and 428 females. In(More)
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