Chikandu A Ndubuisi

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BACKGROUND Meningiomas may range on presentation from incidentally identified small lesions to large symptomatic tumors in eloquent areas of the brain. Management options correspondingly vary and include careful observation, surgical excision, and palliative application of very limited therapeutic maneuvers in select cases. This paper discusses the options(More)
BACKGROUND The choice of radiological investigations in head trauma in Africa is influenced by factors such as cost. Some patients who require computed tomography (CT) scan elsewhere are either managed blindly or do not present for it at the appropriate time. This paper evaluates the CT scan findings as they are obtained in cases of head trauma in a region(More)
Patients with severe traumatic brain injury may develop intractable raised ICP resulting in high mortality and morbidity. This may be anticipated from the patient's clinical status and imaging findings even where intracranial monitoring is unavailable. Outcome may be improved by early and aggressive control of ICP and surgical decompressive craniectomy is(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric seizures in developing countries are often poorly investigated and consequently poorly managed. Sociocultural misconceptions, financial difficulties, and lack of facilities are often blamed. This study studies the structural intracranial abnormalities associated with pediatric seizures and the proportion of these structural lesions that(More)
BACKGROUND Seizures may be manifestation of intracranial tumor (IT) and demand thorough neurological evaluation. This paper examines epidemiology, lesion characteristics and outcome of seizures associated with primary IT. METHODS Retrospective analysis of medical records, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of patients diagnosed with IT who(More)
OBJECTIVE Decompressive surgery is one of the available options in dealing with traumatic brain injury (TBI) when clinical and radiological evidence confirm that medical treatment may be insufficient. This can be achieved either by complete removal of the bone or by allowing it to float, but the indications and utility of these are yet to be resolved. This(More)
AIM Acute traumatic extradural hematoma (EDH) is life threatening and requires prompt intervention. This is a study of incidence and outcome of consecutive patients with EDH managed in Enugu, Nigeria against a background of delayed referral. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively examined all consecutive trauma cases managed between 2003 and 2009 and(More)
BACKGROUND Gliomas are important primary brain tumours with varying prognosis. AIM To study the histology characteristics of brain gliomas managed in a Neurosurgical centre in Nigeria. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective analysis of prospectively recorded data of patients managed for intracranial gliomas at our Hospital for Neurosurgery, between year(More)