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We examined the effects of a short-term low-calorie diet on the activity of the autonomic nervous system during stress tests in obese patients with hypertension by analysis of heart rate and blood pressure variability. Eighteen obese inpatients with essential hypertension were given a regular-calorie diet (1,600 kcal, NaCl 7 g) for 4 days, and then a(More)
BACKGROUND Radial access is the preferred route for cardiac catheterization; however, small radial arterial diameters can make complex procedures difficult. The assessment of radial artery diameters prior to intervention may be beneficial for the interventional cardiologist. Our aim was to measure the diameter of radial arteries in a study sample from our(More)
We studied sympathetic skin response (SSR) to visual emotional stimuli in two children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) and nine healthy controls, and correlated them with comorbid disorders. They were diagnosed as having conduct disorder at administration. Two years after interventions of medical care, counseling and education, they(More)
Methods Thirteen patients referred to the CMR lab for evaluation of undiagnosed cardiomyopathy were prospectively enrolled. All patients were in regular cardiac rhythm and able to breath-hold. Standard segmented k-space images (including cine, velocity mapping (VM), and late-gadolinium enhancement (LGE)) were acquired during breathhold; real-time images(More)
Paroxysmal kinesigenic choreoathetosis (PKC) is a rare and benign disorder with its onset in childhood. PKC generally improves with age, and its pathophysiology has not been revealed. We recorded both ictal and interictal SPECT in a 14-year-old girl with PKC. Ictal SPECT showed a significant decrease in blood flow in the caudate nucleus contralateral to the(More)
We report a 42-year-old woman with severe motor and intellectual disabilities (SMID) who showed partial central diabetes insipidus during severe pneumonia. Serum sodium levels were previously within the upper normal range from 140 to 147 mEq/L. During pneumonia, however, serum sodium rose rapidly to reach 185 mEq/L. The daily urinary volume exceeded the(More)
We studied sympathetic skin response (SSR) to visual emotional stimuli in 11 normal children and 13 normal adults. The arousal and valence levels of original pictures were previously assessed by 20 normal children and adults. SSR appearance ratio tended to be high for pictures with high arousal and those with either high or low valence, and was higher in(More)
Background Current approaches to evaluate peripheral arterial disease (PAD) overwhelmingly rely on quantification of stenosis severity or flow across stenosis at rest. Although exerciseinduced functional alterations in metabolism have been proposed, there is a need to integrate approaches that provide additional risk measures in PAD that can be translated(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY Cervical vagal stimulation in rabbits frequently induces transient ventricular bigeminies, followed by mitral regurgitation lasting a few days, and development of peculiar lesions of the mitral complex. The present study investigated early lesions of the mitral valve and subsequent deformation of the mitral annulus associated(More)