Chikako Okumura

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Some unavoidable drawbacks of traditional technologies have made phytoremediation a promising alternative for removal of arsenic from contaminated soil and water. In the present study, the potential of an aquatic macrophyte Spirodela polyrhiza L. for phytofiltration of arsenic, and the mechanism of the arsenic uptake were investigated. The S. polyrhiza L.(More)
By using a transparent digitizer and a personal computer, we tried a quantitative analysis of ataxia in the upper limbs. A total of 25 upper extremities of 13 patients with spino-cerebellar degeneration (SCD) and 140 upper extremities of 70 normal volunteers were tested by two types of tasks. One was the free speed trace of a circle presented on the display(More)
Among the actual 16 identified and thought to be valid avian piroplasm species, certain parasites are only known from their original description with no subsequent report. Babesia ardeae Toumanoff, 1940 is one of them. It was described from a single sacrificed gray heron (Ardea cinerea) from Vietnam and had never been reported since this date despite(More)
New trend in methods for assessing pharmacological action to bacteria and cell is to measure their metabolic activities induced, while the conventional methods used population growth. We focused on respiration volume as an indicator of cell metabolism, and developed inexpensive disposable oxygen electrode sensor and multi-channel dissolved oxygen meters(More)
To aid in the restoration of coastal barren ground areas, it is important to clarify the effects of chelated iron on the growth of seaweed. In particular, for the further development of practical methods to promote seaweed growth, Fe-binding organic ligands, such as humic substances (HSs) composed of humus materials, rather than Fe-binding inorganic(More)
This study ascertained the level of alcohol intake and alcoholic beverages consumed by Japanese older adults. Persons aged 55 to 75 years residing in central and southern Japan were recruited and interviewed face-to-face on their habitual alcohol consumption. Among the 577 (359 men and 218 women) participants from 10 districts/prefectures, 60.5% (75.5% for(More)
The brown seaweed Sargassum horneri (Sargassaceae) is important for marine environment conservation. It could be used for a food material, medical applications, and future biofuel production. We compared the growth of S. horneri cultures under single wavelength blue and red light during the germling and immature stages. The growth rate based on the thallus(More)
The effects of high concentrations of nitrogen sources on the germling growth of Sargassum horneri were investigated for the restoration of coastal barren ground using fertilization materials containing high concentrations of nitrogen. Moreover, the safekeeping period of fertilized eggs of S. horneri was studied to elucidate performance stability as an(More)