Chikako Nakamura

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A Cor (cold-responsive) cDNA that belongs to the group-3 Lea (late embryogenesis abundant)/Rab (responsive to abscisic acid, ABA) family was isolated from a winter-hardy cultivar of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Screening of a cold-acclimated cDNA library was performed using an ABA- and other stress-responsive barley cDNA clone, Hva1, as a probe. A(More)
BACKGROUND Except for Reye's syndrome, influenza-associated acute encephalopathy or encephalitis is not universally recognised. We did a multicentre study of laboratory and clinical data for patients with influenza-associated acute encephalopathy or encephalitis. METHODS In Nagoya, Japan, ten patients with acute encephalopathy or encephalitis associated(More)
A cDNA library was constructed from a cold-acclimated winter-hardy common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivar 'Mironovska 808'. Using this library and a cold- and light-responsive barley cDNA clone cor14b as a probe, cDNAs of a homologous wheat gene wcor14 were isolated. Two identical cDNAs designated as wcor14a had an open reading frame encoding an(More)
Wcor15, a member of the wheat cold-responsive (Cor) gene family, has been isolated and characterized. The deduced polypeptide WCOR15 (MW=14.7 kDa) showed high homology to the previously identified wheat and barley COR proteins. Southern blot analysis using diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid wheat and diploid Aegilops species showed that the wheat and related(More)
The plant knotted1 (kn1)-like homeobox genes are known to play important roles in the maintenance of shoot apical meristem (SAM), determination of cell fate and differentiation of vegetative tissues. To study structural diversity of the three homologous loci encoding a KN1-like homeobox protein in the hexaploid wheat genome, we isolated clones from a cDNA(More)
A nuclear gene, Ncc-tmp1A, of Triticum timopheevii is required for the nucleus-cytoplasm (NC) compatibility in tetraploid NC hybrids with the cytoplasm of Aegilops squarrosa. A euploid NC hybrid of T. durum was previously produced by introgressing the gene from chromosome 1A of T. timopheevii. To examine the possible presence of a functional homoeoallele in(More)
Time-courses of the development of freezing tolerance and the expression of a cold-responsive gene wlt10 were monitored during cold acclimation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Bioassay showed that cold acclimation conferred much higher freezing tolerance on a winter cultivar than a spring cultivar. Northern blot analysis showed that the expression of wlt10(More)
Alien cytoplasms cause a wide range of phenotypic alterations in the nucleus-cytoplasm (NC) hybrids in the Triticeae. Nuclear genomes of timopheevii wheat (Triticum timopheevii and Triticum araraticum) are fully compatible with the cytoplasm of Aegilops squarrosa, while those of a majority of emmer or durum wheat cultivars and more than half the wild emmer(More)
To study the maternal lineage and evolution of polyploid species of wheat, variation in mitochondrial DNA was investigated in Triticum and Aegilops by PCR-aided RFLP analysis. A 1.3 kb region containing the intron of coxII was studied using 20 accessions from five species of Sitopsis section of Aegilops, one species of Einkorn wheat, four species of(More)