Chikako Kitayama

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We cloned the myo2 gene of Schizosaccharomyces pombe, which encodes a type II myosin heavy chain, by virtue of its ability to promote diploidization in fission yeast cells. The myo2 gene encodes 1,526 amino acids in a single open reading frame. Myo2p shows homology to the head domains and the coiledcoil tail of the conventional type II myosin heavy chain(More)
BACKGROUND Formins are multidomain proteins defined by a conserved FH2 (formin homology 2) domain with actin nucleation activity preceded by a proline-rich FH1 (formin homology 1) domain. Formins act as profilin-modulated processive actin nucleators conserved throughout a wide range of eukaryotes. RESULTS We present a detailed sequence analysis of the 10(More)
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