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Alcohol consumption and cancers of hormone-related organs in females.
The relations between alcohol consumption and cancers of the breast, corpus uteri and ovary were investigated in a case-control study involving 1,740 cases of breast cancer, 239 cases of cancer ofExpand
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An Epidemiological Study on Marital Status and Cancer Incidence
The relationship between marital status and cancer incidence was examined based on 49,191 incident cases aged 30 or over in 1980–1984 by using the data from Aichi Cancer Registry and census data.Expand
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Pseudothrombocytopenia with cold-type platelet agglutinins.
Pseudothrombocytopenia is an in vitro phenomenon of platelet agglutination and clumping in the presence of EDTA on the electronical measurement of platelet count. Agglutinins reacting with plateletExpand
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Octyltin Compounds Found in Household Commodities
Octyltin compounds were detected from diaper covers by thin layer chromatography using 0.1% pyrocatechol violet solution as a spray reagent, and identified as tri-and di-n-octyltin (TOT and DOT,Expand
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Medical consultation rate of allergic rhinitis and pollinosis surveillance in Aichi, Japan.
The medical consultation rate of allergic rhinitis (AR) was analysed using Japan National Health Insurance records of Aichi Prefecture for May 1989. Data collected from 88 cities, towns and villagesExpand
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