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DNA damage checkpoints delay mitotic cell-cycle progression in response to DNA stress, stalling the cell cycle to allow time for repair. CDKB is a plant-specific cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) that is required for the G₂/M transition of the cell cycle. In Arabidopsis, DNA damage leads the degradation of CDKB2, and the subsequent G₂ arrest gives cells time to(More)
Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) play essential roles in coordinate control of cell cycle progression. Activation of CDKs requires interaction with specific cyclin partners and phosphorylation of their T-loops by CDK-activating kinases (CAKs). The Arabidopsis thaliana genome encodes four potential CAKs. CAK2At (CDKD;3) and CAK4At (CDKD;2) are closely related(More)
Cyclin D (CYCD) plays an important role in cell cycle progression and reentry in response to external signals. Here, we demonstrate that Arabidopsis thaliana CYCD4 is associated with specific cell divisions in the hypocotyl. We observed that cycd4 T-DNA insertion mutants had a reduced number of nonprotruding cells and stomata in the hypocotyl epidermis.(More)
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