Chikage Murakami

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 Our previous report identified 27- and 29-kDa calcium-binding proteins in porcine immature dental enamel. In this study we revealed that the N-terminal amino acid sequences of the two proteins were identical: LLANPXGXIPNLARGPAGRSRGPPG. The sequence matches a portion of the amino acid sequence of the porcine sheath protein, sheathlin. Porcine tooth germs(More)
 Amelogenins are the most abundant constituent in the enamel matrix of developing teeth. Recent investigations of rodent incisors and molar tooth germs revealed that amelogenins are expressed not only in secretory ameloblasts but also in maturation ameloblasts, although in relatively low levels. In this study, we investigated expression of amelogenin in the(More)
Enamelins comprise an important family of the enamel matrix proteins. Porcine tooth germs were investigated immunochemically and immunocytochemically using two antibodies: a polyclonal antibody raised against the porcine 89-kDa enamelin (89 E) and an affinity purified anti-peptide antibody against the porcine enamelin amino-terminus (EN). Immunochemical(More)
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