Chika Yoshioka

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This paper deals with formation control strategies based on Virtual Structure (VS) for multi-vehicle systems. We propose several control laws for networked multi-nonholonomic vehicle systems in order to achieve VS consensus, VS Flocking and VS Flocking with collision avoidance. First, Virtual Vehicle for the feedback linearization is considered, and we(More)
— This paper proposes an observer-based consensus control strategy for multi-agent system (MAS) with communication time delay. The condition of stability for MIMO agents is derived by Lyapunov theorem. It gives systematic design procedure under assumed unidirectional network. Furthermore, new consensus control law using observers is proposed for the(More)
PURPOSE To determine the association of the area of sensory disturbance with the area of suprascapular nerve (SSN) palsy in healthy volunteers and patients with SSN palsy. METHODS Five male and one female and healthy volunteers aged 23 to 44 (mean age, 32.2) years underwent an experiment of distal and proximal SSN block (at the spinoglenoid notch and(More)
To investigate the effect of malocclusion on mandibular movement during speech, the Sirognathograph Analyzing System was used to analyze the form of the envelope of motion during speech, as well as the relationship between the envelope of motion and eccentric movement paths, in 10 normal subjects and 60 subjects having malocclusion. Location of the envelope(More)
To investigate the effect of malocclusion on mandibular movements during speech, the location, width and height of the envelope of motion during speech were analyzed in 25 normal subjects and 60 subjects with malocclusion using the Sirognathograph Analyszing System. Location of the envelope of motion was closely related to the specific types of(More)
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