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This paper proposes a new non-contact impedance imager based on phase differential technique enabling an enhanced detection of the existence of a tumor in tissues. The developed sensor is composed of an air supply system and two optical fiber based distance sensors next to the air nozzle. For a periodic air pressure, two distance sensors provide us with(More)
This paper discusses a proposed Non-Contact Tumor Imager capable of detecting a lung tumor for application during Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS); this imager is based on the phase differential technique. The developed sensor comprises an air supply system and an optical fiber-based distance sensor adjacent to the air nozzle. A removed human lung was(More)
A urinary protein assay has been investigated, employing a micro-flow injection analysis (muFIA) combined with an adsorptive separation of protein from analyte. The adsorptive separation part of protein in the artificial urine with ceramic hydroxyapatite is integrated on the muFIA chip, since the interference of other components coexisting in urine occurs(More)
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