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—This paper describes MATLAB/Simulink implementation of three induction motor tests, namely dc, no-load, and blocked-rotor tests performed to identify equivalent circuit parameters. These simulation models are developed to support and enhance electric machinery education at the undergraduate level. The proposed tests have been successfully integrated into
—Datacenters, being major consumers of power, can play an important role in the ef¿cient operation of electrical grids. This paper develops an optimization framework to allow datacenters to operate as controllable load resources within the demand dispatch regime, a demand response (DR) program in which incentives are designed to induce lower electricity use(More)
This paper is concerned with the development of a fast, programmable, and reconfigurable power system emulator using an analog/mixed-signal VLSI microchip. The proposed microchip is capable of emulating behaviors of large power system networks under various conditions with faster than real-time computation time that is independent of the size of the power(More)
This paper develops a model of an electrical power system , with its inherent embedded communication system, for the purpose of studying the characteristics of power system measurement errors due to communication delays. This model is referred to as an " information embedded power system " to emphasize the inclusion of information variables that represent(More)
— This paper addresses modeling issues behind the development of a hardware analog emulator of power system behavior referred to as a Power System on a Chip (PSoC). The paper will review various problems and proposed solutions encountered from the design stage to PC-board hardware implementation to anticipated VLSI implementation. It has already been noted(More)
—In this paper, we present an efficient algorithm to compute singular points and singularity-induced bifurcation points of differential-algebraic equations for a multimachine power-system model. Power systems are often modeled as a set of differential-algebraic equations (DAE) whose algebraic part brings singularity issues into dynamic stability assessment(More)