Chika Mori

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A case-control study was conducted to examine factors relating to discontinuation of domiciliary care for the bedridden elderly in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Cases were bedridden residents aged 65 years and over who had abandoned home care and applied for admission to live in a special nursing home for the aged between April and September in 1990 after being(More)
The change process is described for the adoption of a multidisciplinary team approach to nonorganic failure-to-thrive (NOFTT) management at a pediatric care facility. A member of the nursing staff acted as a change agent. The need for change was documented with medical record audits. A team was developed and a management protocol derived from an external(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Constructional apraxia (CA) is usually diagnosed by having patients draw figures; however, the reported assessments only evaluate the drawn figure. We designed a new assessment battery for CA (the Mie Constructional Apraxia Scale, MCAS) which includes both the shape and drawing process, and investigated its utility against other assessment(More)
BACKGROUND Poison centers are faced with the escalating costs of specialist staffing and increased investments in hardware and databases despite deficit funding. We developed an automated fax information system to access poison information from any fax machine without special training or equipment. METHODS We provided a 3-month trial service of the fax(More)
In order to examine the differences in which blue- and white-collar workers perceive their own health status, a survey using self-administered questionnaire was conducted. The subjects were 1,428 male workers in a tire manufacturing factory, consisting of 1,185 blue-collar workers and 243 white-collar workers. Most of the blue-collar workers were engaged in(More)
The perceived health of persons and their practice of health promoting activities were surveyed using a self-rating questionnaire with 49 items assessing level of health, practice of health promoting activities, life styles, health education, and participation in health screening for general health conditions and cancers. The questionnaires were mailed to(More)
To assess the validity of a new simplified cold water immersion test (4 degrees C-1 min method) for peripheral circulatory function, comparison was made with the conventional method (10 degrees C-10 min method). These two different methods of cold immersion test were applied to 23 patients with vibration disease and 24 healthy men. Observation was made on(More)