Chika I Someya

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The photochemical reaction of M2@C80 (M = La and Ce) with 2-adamantane-2,3'-[3H]-diazirine (1) affords the corresponding adducts by carbene addition. The adducts were characterized by spectroscopic and single-crystal X-ray structure analyses. Crystallographic data for the adduct La2@C80(Ad) (2, Ad = adamantylidene) reveal that the two La atoms are collinear(More)
Endohedral metallofullerene glycoconjugates were synthesized under mild conditions by carbene addition using appropriate glycosylidene-derived diazirine with La(2)@I(h)-C(80). NMR spectroscopic studies revealed that the glycoconjugate consists of two diastereomers of [6,6]-open mono-adducts. The electronic properties were characterized using Vis/NIR(More)
The two regioisomers of endohedral pyrrolidinodimetallofullerenes M(2)@I(h)-C(80)(CH(2))(2)NTrt (M = La, Ce; Trt = trityl) were synthesized, isolated, and characterized. X-ray crystallographic analyses of [6,6]-La(2)@I(h)-C(80)(CH(2))(2)NTrt and [6,6]-Ce(2)@I(h)-C(80)(CH(2))(2)NTrt revealed that the encapsulated metal atoms are located at the slantwise(More)
Cationic and zwitterionic boryl bromide species and a borenium-boryl bromide cation have been synthesised which represent new N-donor stabilised cationic boron compounds with β-diketiminate ligands. The unexpected borenium-boryl bromide results from a head-to-tail dimerisation of the corresponding zwitterionic boryl bromide accompanied by proton migration.(More)
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