Chii-Jeng Lin

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To elucidate the correlating factors and clinical significance of flexible flatfoot (FF) in preschool children of Taiwan, a cross-sectional study was conducted in a research laboratory equipped with a gait analysis facility. Altogether, 377 preschool children (201 boys, 176 girls), ranging in age from 2 to 6 years, were enrolled in this investigation. The(More)
The use of an intraoperative tourniquet for total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a common practice. However, the effectiveness and safety are still questionable. A systematic review was conducted to examine that whether using a tourniquet in TKA was effective without increasing the risk of complications. A comprehensive literature search was done in PubMed(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the clinical features and susceptibility of cirrhotic patients to non-O1 Vibrio cholerae bacteremia and to provide our therapeutic experiences in this rare and high lethal infection. METHODS Twenty-eight blood culture isolates of non-O1 V. cholerae were identified by our clinical microbiology laboratory between July 1989 and June(More)
The complete nucleotide sequence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) cloned from the liver tissue of a Taiwanese patient with post-transfusion type C hepatitis was determined. The 5' end of HCV genomic RNA was located 341 nucleotides upstream from the initiation codon for the viral polyprotein open reading frame. The 5' end of the viral antigenomic RNA was shown to(More)
Betanodaviruses are causative agents of neurological disorders in several species of fish. We cloned and sequenced the RNA2 segment of two grouper viruses isolated from Epinephelus malabaricus (malabaricus grouper nervous necrosis virus, MGNNV) and Epinephelus lanceolatus (dragon grouper nervous necrosis virus, DGNNV). The sequences of the two RNAs were 99%(More)
Cytochrome P450c17 catalyzes steroid 17alpha-hydroxylase and 17,20 lyase activities, which are required for the biosynthesis of cortisol and sex steroids. Human P450c17 is expressed in a cAMP-responsive, cell-specific, developmentally programmed fashion, but little is known about its transcriptional regulation. Expression of deletion mutants of up to 2,500(More)
A nano hydroxyapatite (HAp) layer was coated on a roughen titanium surface by means of electrophoretic deposition with an acetic anhydride solvent system. The objectives of this current study are to investigate whether nano-HAp can improve mechanical strength at a lower sintering temperature and biocompatibility. Densification temperature was lowered from(More)
Fifty-five Yu-Cheng (oil-disease) children born between 1978 and 1985 to mothers who ate PCB-contaminated rice oil in 1978-1979 were studied and compared to age- and sex-matched control subjects in 1991. The children's growth profiles, bone mineral density and soft tissue composition, joint laxity, and serum parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, calcium, alkaline(More)
A measurement of the energy dependence of antineutrino disappearance at the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment is reported. Electron antineutrinos (ν¯(e)) from six 2.9  GW(th) reactors were detected with six detectors deployed in two near (effective baselines 512 and 561 m) and one far (1579 m) underground experimental halls. Using 217 days of data, 41(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose is to investigate the effect of balance conditions and slippery perturbation on the position and velocity of the body's center of mass relative to the body's base of support. DESIGN Twenty-two young and healthful subjects were investigated while their walk was perturbed by a soap patch applied over a force plate. A safety harness was(More)