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Dynamic network visualization has been a challenging topic for dynamic networks analysis, especially for spatially embedded networks like brain networks. In this paper, we present an animated interactive visualization design that combines enhanced node-link diagrams and distance matrix layouts to assist neuroscientists in their exploration of dynamic brain(More)
Study of the behavior of individual members in communities of dynamic networks can help neuroscientists to understand how interactions between neurons in brain networks change over time. Visualization of those temporal features is challenging, especially for networks embedded within spatial structures, such as brain networks. In this article, the authors(More)
Visualizing the complex probability landscape of stochastic gene regulatory networks can further biologists’ understanding of phenotypic behavior associated with specific genes. We present PRODIGEN (PRObability DIstribution of GEne Networks), a web-based visual analysis tool for the systematic exploration of probability distributions over simulation time(More)
This paper proposes a method that creates a multi-view interactive visualization that allows users to explore connections between garbage collection (GC) generated by Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and latency in applications used in financial transactions. With this tool users can explore large collections of GC and latency events, easily identify important(More)
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