Chihiro Takeshima

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The passage event on the specific spot is one of the useful information for position estimate. If we can detect the passage of the specific spot, we could contribute to the field of the position estimate because it is available for movement course identification, and the correction of the position estimate error. We suggest pedestrian passage detection(More)
Several experimental studies have shown that the human auditory system has a mechanism for extracting speaker-size information, using sufficiently long sounds. This paper investigated influence of vowel duration on the processing for size extraction using short vowels. In a size estimation experiment, listeners subjectively estimated the size (height) of(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the sufficient "similarity" between consecutive auditory events for the auditory system to define the fundamental period for pitch perception. It is possible to contaminate the periodicity of harmonic complex tones by scaling the impulse response in the time domain at every other cycle. Scale-alternating wavelet(More)
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