Chihiro Oiwa

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Dysiherbaine (DH) is a marine sponge-derived amino acid that causes seizures upon injection into mice. In this report we investigate the behavioral effects and characterize the pharmacological activity of DH. DH induced convulsive behaviors in mice with ED(50) values of 13 pmol/mouse, i.c.v. and 0.97 mg/kg, i.p. In rat brain synaptic membranes DH displaced(More)
[structure: see text] A new excitatory amino acid, neodysiherbaine A (2), was isolated as a minor constituent of the aqueous extract from the marine sponge Dysidea herbacea. The structure was deduced by spectroscopic methods and established unambiguously by the total synthesis. The present synthesis, including as a key step cross-coupling of the(More)
Nine species of marine algae have been assessed for the presence of novel hemagglutinins not extractable with buffer, unless the algal tissue was pretreated with Pronase. All species examined contained hemagglutinins, indicating the existence of a novel group of hemagglutinins which differed from those reported previously in marine algae.
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