Chihiro Kamezawa

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It was demonstrated that single-event burnout was observed in silicon carbide Schottky barrier diodes with high energy proton irradiation. The behavior was successfully explained using a failure density function based on the geometric distribution. Responsible spallation fragments to trigger the single-event burnout were identified by Geant4 simulations.
It was demonstrated that Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diodes exhibited anomalous charge collection with heavy ion irradiation. Consequently, the permanent damage and Single-Event Burnout was observed in spite of no known current sustaining mechanism. A model for the mechanism was proposed based on the device simulation
Mechanical response of high-thermally-stable-grade parylene (diX-SR/HR) is investigated for flexible spring applications. Pendulum structures with a high-aspect-ratio beam are microfabricated using different parylene materials, and their amplitude and stress at resonant oscillation are measured. Based on fatigue tests and measurements of the temperature(More)
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