Chihiro Iida

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We describe an 8-year-old girl with the mildest form of acute necrotizing encephalopathy, associated with pandemic influenza A. She manifested a convulsion engendering deterioration of consciousness, although cranial computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging within 4 hours after the convulsion revealed no abnormalities. Cranial magnetic resonance(More)
A layered manganese oxide film grown electrochemically was applied to remove methylene blue (MB), a cationic dye, from an aqueous solution. A layered MnO(x) film intercalated with tetraethylammonium (Et(4)N) cations was deposited potentiostatically at +1.0 V (vs. Ag/AgCl) from an aqueous Mn(2+) solution containing Et(4)NCl. Et(4)N cations were sandwiched(More)
Mutation analysis is a method for predicting the quality of test suite accurately. However, it has high computational cost due to the number of mutants that are generated. For example, the ROR (Relational Operator Replacement) mutation operator will generate seven mutants for just one relational operator. Naively applying multiple operators over the entire(More)
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