Chihiro Hagi

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Short daily hemodialysis (HD) has a protective effect against dialysis-induced hypotension (DIH). We examined whether this effect extends beyond the treatment period. METHODS We analyzed clinical variables in 6 patients (5 with diabetes mellitus) who underwent conventional hemodialysis (CHD) for 4 h three times weekly for 12 weeks; then(More)
BACKGROUND Complications of haemodialysis vascular access have emerged as a major cause of patient morbidity. Intravascular ultrasound imaging is a new technical modality providing visualization of the vessel lumen and wall structure in a cross-sectional fashion. Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty has long been used in the treatment of stenoses of(More)
The relationship between insulin resistance and local uremic toxins was examined using an oral adsorbent. Fourteen rats demonstrating a diabetic state underwent two-thirds, nephrectomy and were divided into two groups. The control group was fed standard rat chow, and the test group was fed standard rat chow containing 5% AST-120. The target level of blood(More)
A case of midbrain and thalamic infarction which showed complete oculomotor nerve palsy of the ipsilateral eye and monocular downbeat nystagmus, ptosis, upward movement disturbance and adduction disturbance of the contralateral eye was reported. The patient is a 53-year-old woman who was admitted to our hospital because of sudden onset of double vision.(More)
End-stage renal failure due to tuberous sclerosis is rare and there is no previous report of a patient with tuberous sclerosis undergoing long-term hemodialysis for over 18 years. The patency rate for a dialysis prosthetic graft is low, however, our patient's graft survived over 16 years. For thrombotic occlusion of a graft, we performed percutaneous(More)
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