Chiheb Ben Regaya

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This paper presents a modified structure of the backstepping nonlinear control of the induction motor (IM) fitted with an adaptive backstepping speed observer. The control design is based on the backstepping technique complemented by the introduction of integral tracking errors action to improve its robustness. Unlike other research performed on(More)
Abstract: This paper presents the backstepping nonlinear control applied to induction motor with on-line adaptation of rotor resistance using a backstepping observer type. This type of control proposed an analysis based primarily on the stability of the system from the Lyapunov theory. This approach takes into account the nonlinearity of the system when(More)
Transactions on Machine Design Volume 1 Number 1 February 2013 ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a method for designing a sensor less induction motor drive based on a robust rotor flux observer. The industrial world demands reliable and inexpensive systems. For this reason, the number of sensors is reduced. Accordingly, this study will focus on the design of a(More)
This paper presents a control design for the irrigation station by sprinkling. The proposed method is applied in order to solve the problem of managing water sources and distributions systems. This paper presents the synthesis of a Fuzzy Logic control applied to the station of irrigation by sprinkling, this method has the advantage of stability conditions(More)
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