Chiharu Yamashita

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Lipid emulsions with particle sizes of 190-270 nm were prepared with soybean oil (SO) and a series of hydrogenated castor oils (HCOs) with various oxyethylene numbers, and the effect of oxyethylene numbers of HCOs on the pharmacokinetics of menatetrenone incorporated into the lipid emulsions was studied in rats. Plasma half-life of menatetrenone after(More)
Previously, we prepared lipid emulsions with soybean oil (SO; 20%) as oil phase and hydrogenated castor oils (HCOs; 2.4%) as emulsifiers (SO(20)/HCOs(2.4)), and found that the lipid emulsions prepared with HCO of 10 oxyethylene units (SO(20)/HCO10(2.4)) were quickly cleared from the plasma, while those prepared with HCO of 20 oxyethylene units(More)
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