Chiharu Tsuruta

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A hardware local essential tree (LET) generator used in an N-body simulation is implemented on the FPGA of PEACH2 (PCI Express Adaptive Communication Hub ver2), a low latency switching hub for high performance GPU clusters. By using the pipelined on-the-fly execution with a multipole acceptance criterion judging module and a data updating module, the(More)
Accelerator-in-Switch (AiS) is a framework for building an accelerator logic tightly coupled with a switching hub in a single FPGA for high performance computation with heterogeneous environment with CPUs and GPUs. AiS is implemented on a partial reconfigurable region of an FPGA whose permanent region is used for a switching hub. A port of the switching hub(More)
Unused logic in the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) for the switching hub is one potential resource to accelerate the computation of data exchanged through the hub. However, for large scale scientific computation, it is difficult to implement such an accelerator on the FPGA used in high performance computers. Here, a reduction calculator for executing(More)
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