Chiharu Tateishi

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A 57-year-old male had been suffering from an itchy map-shaped symmetrical erosive erythema with a crust that was attached to his upper arm and buttock, and occasionally he suffered from spiking fever. Laboratory examinations showed neither anti-desmoglein 1/3 antibodies nor anti-BP 180 antibodies, and he fulfilled the criteria for a diagnosis of systemic(More)
Hair is one of the smallest organs, but has many important functions to mammals. Hair morphogenesis occurs through the reciprocal exchange of epithelial and mesenchymal signals. There are some reports about the expression of laminin-511 and -332 during hair morphogenesis, but are no reports of the chronological expression and function of laminin-511 and its(More)
IMPORTANCE Linear IgA/IgG bullous dermatosis (LAGBD) is a relatively rare autoimmune bullous disease characterized by both IgA and IgG antibodies to epidermal basement membrane zone. The heterogeneity and pathogenesis of the LAGBD autoantigens have not been fully elucidated. OBSERVATIONS We report 3 Japanese cases of LAGBD (ages 81, 88, and 64 years; 1(More)
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