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Five men performed incremental forearm exercise by using a modified hand grip dynamometer while external loads (1 Kg metal plate) were added at each succeeding minute until volitional exhaustion occurred. Myo-electric signals were recorded from the belly of the flexor carpi radialis-palmaris longus. By the use of an LSI-11/23 minicomputer, the digitized(More)
call this mechanism double-screw-drive (DSD) mechanism. DSD mechanism was applied to a robotic forceps manipulator for laparoscopic surgery. In the first prototype, by adding the third linkage to DSD mechanism and rotating this, opening and closing motions of a gripper was attained. In the second prototype, DSD forceps manipulator was enhanced so that its(More)
法政大学大学院理工学研究科機械工学専攻修士課程 In this paper, the identification of finger operation and control of the fingers of a myoelectric prosthetic hand are discussed. Finger operation is classified into the six types of motion. On the basis of integrated electromyography (IEMG), the identification of finger operation is performed using a support vector machine based(More)