Chihab Eddine Cherkaoui

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Several educational institutes use e-Learning platforms especially Learning Management System (LMSs) to manage the learning process. Adaptive Learning System (ALSs) supports the learning process using adaptive guidance and possibly personnalized content. The AeLF offers a new framework that brings the two systems together. This is done by a single sign-on,(More)
Adaptation has been becoming more and more important in modern educational systems. Building an adaptive learning system requires granular and reusable content. In this paper, we proposed a learning content framework using the Learning Object technology. We will particularly examine the granularity approach of Learning Objects (LO) and its impact of 1 / 4
—To achieve the adaptability required in ALS, adaptive learning system (ALS) takes advantage of granular and reusable content. The main goal of this paper is to examine the learning object granularity issue which is directly related with Learning Object (LO) reusability and the adaptability process required in ALS. For that purpose, we present the learning(More)
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