Chih-yu Chao

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Oxidized LDL (oxLDL) and its component hydroxy fatty acids were shown to activate peroxisome proliferator-activating receptor alpha (PPARalpha) and gamma (PPARgamma). To test the hypothesis that lipid oxidation products in oxidized frying oil (OFO) can activate PPARalpha and up-regulate its target genes, a feeding experiment and a transactivation experiment(More)
To study lead (Pb) distribution in organs and blood in the case of Pb poisoning, mice were firstly exposed to Pb as 0.1 mL or 0.2 mL of lead nitrate solution (0.1 mg/mL) by vein injection every other day. Then, after metabolic absorption, the Pb level in the blood and organs of the mice was measured using flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The resulting(More)
This study was designed to investigate the effects of preinfusion with total parenteral nutrition (TPN) using fish-oil (FO) versus safflower-oil (SO) emulsion as fat sources on hepatic lipids, plasma amino-acid profiles, and inflammatory-related mediators in septic rats. Normal rats, with internal jugular catheters, were assigned to two different groups and(More)
To overcome the problem of high driving voltage and low contrast ratio in the switchable scattering device of conventional liquid-crystal (LC) physical gel, a new type of supramolecular LC physical gel has been developed and fabricated through the fibrous self-assembly of the polyfluorene-based π-conjugated polymer,(More)
The iron-containing hemoglobins (Hbs) are essential proteins to serve as oxygen transporters in the blood. Among various kinds of Hbs, the earthworm Hbs are the champions in carrying oxygen due to not only their large size but also the unusually high cooperativity of ligand binding. However, the cooperative oxygen binding mechanisms are still mostly(More)