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In this paper, we present an interactive interpretation game for learning Chinese. We extend our previous work on a flight domain translation game by introducing a new topic that is more appropriate for language learners. We discuss new features that have been added to the existing translation game system. We also report results from a pilot study to(More)
Optoelectronic devices such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs), organic photovoltaic cells and organic light-emitting diode receive great interest due to their mechanical flexibility, light weight, and prospective potential for roll-to-roll manufacturing. Indium tin oxide (ITO), which could be deposited on both glass and plastic substrate, is the most(More)
The iron-containing hemoglobins (Hbs) are essential proteins to serve as oxygen transporters in the blood. Among various kinds of Hbs, the earthworm Hbs are the champions in carrying oxygen due to not only their large size but also the unusually high cooperativity of ligand binding. However, the cooperative oxygen binding mechanisms are still mostly(More)
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