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BACKGROUND In Taiwan, from April to July, 1998, an epidemic of hand, foot, and mouth disease associated with enterovirus 71 (EV71) occurred with fatal complications. We did a clinical study of EV71-related diseases in Taiwan. METHODS We studied 154 children with virus-culture confirmed EV71 infection. Children were divided into three groups: 11 patients(More)
A large scale outbreak of hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) occurred in Taiwan in 1998, in which more than 80 children died of shock syndrome with pulmonary edema/hemorrhage. Enterovirus 71 was implicated as the cause of this outbreak. In order to understand the virological basis responsible for mortality on this scale, nucleotide sequences of VP1 that is(More)
We report a fatal case of enterovirus type 71 (EV 71) infection in an 8-year-old girl during a summer outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease in 1998 in Taiwan. The clinical course was rapidly progressive, with manifestations of hand, foot, and mouth disease, aseptic meningitis, encephalomyelitis, and pulmonary edema. The patient died 24 hours after(More)
AIMS Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma (LELC) of the salivary glands is a rather rare tumour. Previous studies have shown its strong association with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) among Chinese and Eskimos. We tested this observation with nine Chinese patients with salivary gland LELC in Taiwan including one with coexisting nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) and(More)
BACKGROUND Fungi are common pathogens of nosocomial infections in the very low birth weight (VLBW) infants. The purpose of this study was to investigate the fungal colonization rate in VLBW infants and the association between fungal colonization and systemic fungal diseases. MATERIALS Between January 1, 1996, and December 31, 1996, 116 infants with birth(More)
Symptomatic bradyarrhythmia occurs most often in aged patients. Most of these patients have multiple coronary risk factors and present with angina-like symptoms. The coexistence of CAD not only has major effects on their prognosis but also influences the long-term care. This study was designed to evaluate the incidence of coexistent CAD in patients with(More)
OBJECTIVES Whether oral acyclovir (ACV) given in late incubation can prevent clinical varicella or not. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-seven healthy infants and children susceptible to varicella received oral ACV (40 mg/kg daily in four divided doses) for 5 days, starting 9 or 11 days after exposure from the index case in the family (2 in the classroom).(More)
Patients with follicular thyroid carcinoma have a higher incidence of metastasis than papillary thyroid carcinoma when thyroid cancer is diagnosed. The cDNA expression array technology is utilized herein to profile differentially expressed genes from metastatic human follicular thyroid carcinoma and reveal new tumor markers as well as target genes for(More)
We evaluated the value of ultrasound-guided needle biopsy in 20 soft tissues masses about superficial bone lesions in 20 oncology patients. Sonographically guided needle biopsies were performed without an on-site pathologist. A diagnostic sensitivity of 95% and specificity of 100% in separating a benign or a malignant lesion was obtained. Fine needle(More)
This series retrospectively reviewed 3657 patients who received thyroid ultrasonography with fine-needle aspiration cytological (FNAC) examinations at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital during the period from January 1, 1993 to December 31, 1993. Thyroid ultrasonography studies were performed using a real-time ultrasonographic machine with a 10 MHz transducer.(More)