Chih-Yung Chen

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With the rapid development of digital still camera (DSC) technology, auto-focus has become an important function and widely used in many mobile devices such as cellular phone, notebook, and personal digital assistance (PDA). The picture taken by a camera without auto-focus function could be incorrect and blurred. Generally, the high-level DSC must have the(More)
This paper presents an indoor positioning technique based on neural networks (NN). The received signal strengths (RSS) sensed by Zigbee wireless sensor network were used to estimate the position of object. From the simulation results shown, the NN technique proposed still has the high accuracy even the signal strengths sensed are unstable. Besides, from the(More)
A new smart building evacuation system consisting of intelligent integration supervisory system (IISS), smart emergency indicator boards (SEIB) and fuzzy-based approach for evacuation modeling is presented. In an emergency, the IWSS can obtain the positions of disaster area from wireless sensors. Then, the system determinates safe evacuation routes using a(More)
This paper presents an indoor positioning technique using a modified probabilistic neural network (MPNN) scheme. It measures the received signal strength (RSS) between an object and stations, and then transforms the RSS into distances. A MPNN engine determines coordinate of the object with the input distances. The experiments are conducted in a realistic(More)
Evolutionary particle swarm optimization (PSO) machines with hybrid sensors (i.e., radio frequency identification (RFID) and E-compass wireless network sensors) and the concepts of traveling salesman problems (TSPs) are applied to recognize the optimal routing paths in a dynamic space. Four active RFID tags and an E-compass indicate the robot position. The(More)