Chih-Yuan S. Chang

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The emergence of two-dimensional electronic materials has stimulated proposals of novel electronic and photonic devices based on the heterostructures of transition metal dichalcogenides. Here we report the determination of band offsets in the heterostructures of transition metal dichalcogenides by using microbeam X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and(More)
S-locus sequences have been deposited on the European Molecular Biology Organization public database, sRNA sequences on the GEO public database (see table S2 for accession numbers), and data matrices and phylogenetic trees on the TreeBASE database (http://
The valley pseudospin is a degree of freedom that emerges in atomically thin two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (MX2). The capability to manipulate it, in analogy to the control of spin in spintronics, can open up exciting opportunities. Here, we demonstrate that an ultrafast and ultrahigh valley pseudo-magnetic field can be generated by using(More)
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