Chih-Yuan Chang

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In this work we study the power of the methods for digital device identification and image integrity verification, which rely on sensor pattern noise as device signatures, and the repudiability of the conclusions drawn from the information produced by this type of methods. We prove that the sensor pattern noise existing in the original images can be(More)
Medical records are important diagnostic tools designed to assist doctors in the management of their patien ts’ health. Maintenance records are vital for on-site building managers in a comparable sense when planning the operational life cycle of the buildings housing health facilities. Unlike their medical counterparts though, these records are compromised(More)
A major cause of high energy consumption for air conditioning in indoor spaces is the thermal storage characteristics of a building's envelope concrete material; therefore, the physiological signals (temperature and humidity) within concrete structures are an important reference for building energy management. The current approach to measuring temperature(More)
In this research, an active RFID-based personal navigation system for multi-story indoor environments is proposed. Without using complicated three-dimensional positioning algorithms, we employ an existing two-dimensional positioning engine and equip the system with the capability of seamless positioning handoffs between different floors. The handoff process(More)
This research present a system named Prioritization System (PS) to support the maintenance engineers while they are making the decision about the priorities for maintenance applications of school buildings. Distinguished from the other research done before, which built the priority model only with historical data, the PS presented in this research bases(More)
This study proposed a chimney pipe structure for reinforced concrete façades. The chimney effect of the chimney pipe structure can help reduce heat accumulation in concrete façades. However, experiments showed that the chimney effect had a limited cooling effect on façades; therefore the design was changed to include forced convection(More)