Chih-Yuan Chang

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Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) is a pleiotropic phospholipid molecule involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, would healing , and cancer invasion. Whereas serum lysophospholipase D activity increases in women with pregnancy, the role of LPA in pregnancy remains unclear. We investigated the expression of LPA receptors and function of LPA in endometrial stromal(More)
In this work we study the power of the methods for digital device identification and image integrity verification, which rely on sensor pattern noise as device signatures, and the repudiability of the conclusions drawn from the information produced by this type of methods. We prove that the sensor pattern noise existing in the original images can be(More)
A major cause of high energy consumption for air conditioning in indoor spaces is the thermal storage characteristics of a building's envelope concrete material; therefore, the physiological signals (temperature and humidity) within concrete structures are an important reference for building energy management. The current approach to measuring temperature(More)
In this research, an active RFID-based personal navigation system for multi-story indoor environments is proposed. Without using complicated three-dimensional positioning algorithms, we employ an existing two-dimensional positioning engine and equip the system with the capability of seamless positioning handoffs between different floors. The handoff process(More)
We have developed a Visual Mobile Agent System, VMAS. Different from other systems, VMAS provides not only the execution environment but a powerful visualized agent constructor. Moreover, for the automatic itinerary scheduling of mobile agents, we also proposed an effective hybrid scheduling method in order to find a low-cost migration path. 1. INTRODUCTION(More)
In this paper, we propose a two-step bit-transform-based normalized partial distortion search (TSB-NPDS) algorithm for fast motion estimation by using the characteristics of pattern similarity matching errors. Two significant bit-plane features of image block pattern extracted by a two-bit transform are used to determine the calculation order in the(More)