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Automation of liver positron emission tomography (PET) image segmentation is proposed in this paper. A new active contour model (ACM), called Poisson Gradient Vector Flow (PGVF), with genetic algorithm (GA) constructs a scheme to automatically find the contour of liver in the PET images. PET is widely used for the clinical purpose, but image quality of PET(More)
Keywords: Credit rating KMV model Rough set theory Random forests Distance to default a b s t r a c t In current credit ratings models, various accounting-based information are usually selected as prediction variables, based on historical information rather than the market's assessment for future. In the study, we propose credit rating prediction model(More)
The main purpose of this study is to present a novel personal authentication approach that uses the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal. Because the ECG signal varies from person to person, it can be used as a new biometric for individual verification. The discrete wavelet transform was applied for extracting features. These wavelet coefficients derived from(More)
With the rapid development of access control system based on biometric technologies, the conventional identification exposed more and more weakness while they are easy to be counterfeited and imitated. In this paper, we bring the access control systems with electrocardiogram identification into a practical application. Moreover, a new prompt based ECG(More)
The electrocardiogram is widely used for diagnosis of heart diseases. Several methods have been developed for ECG enhancement. This work presents a new ECG enhancement method for QRS complex detection. The moving average and cubic splines are successfully applied to detect the QRS complex through experiments on the MIT-BIH databases. The results show that(More)