Chih-Yi Liu

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A novel SERS sensor for adenine molecules is fabricated electrochemically using an ordered two-dimensional array of self-aligned silver nanoparticles encapsulated by alumina. Silver is electro-deposited on the interior surfaces at the bottom of nano-channels in a porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) film. After etching aluminum, the back-end alumina serves as(More)
Cu nano-particles (Cu-NPs) were embedded into the SiO2 layer of a Cu/SiO2/Pt structure to examine their influence on resistive switching characteristics. The device showed a reversible resistive switching behavior, which was due to the formation and rupture of a Cu-conducting filament with an electrochemical reaction. The Cu-NPs enhanced the local electric(More)
We report the strain effect of suspended graphene prepared by micromechanical method. Under a fixed measurement orientation of scattered light, the position of the 2D peaks changes with incident polarization directions. This phenomenon is explained by a proposed mode in which the peak is effectively contributed by an unstrained and two uniaxial-strained(More)
Arrays of nanowires with identical length are fabricated by using ultrasound to remove the length fluctuation among nanowires, which are deliberately grown in burette-shaped nanochannels on an anodic anumina film. The process allows the fabrication of 10 micron Ag-nanowire arrays with length fluctuation as small as 0.09%. By integrating the process with a(More)
We report on plasmon induced optical switching of electrical conductivity in two-dimensional (2D) arrays of silver (Ag) nanoparticles encapsulated inside nanochannels of porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) films. The reversible switching of photoconductivity greatly enhanced by an array of closely spaced Ag nanoparticles which are isolated from each other(More)
We report on a polarized Raman study on mechanically cleaved single-layer graphene films. Under a specific orientation of scattering measurement, the width and position of the G peak change with the incident polarization direction, while the integrated intensity of that is unaltered. This phenomenon is explained by a proposed mode in which the peak is(More)
The interactions between phonons and electrons induced by the dopants or the substrate of graphene in spectroscopic investigation reveal a rich source of interesting physics. Raman spectra and surface-enhanced Raman spectra of supported and suspended monolayer graphenes were measured and analyzed systemically with different approaches. The weak Raman(More)
Effects and mechanisms of conductivity variation of chemically vapor deposited single-layer graphene covering silver nanoparticles on SiO(2)/Si are reported based on blue-light (405 nm) induced plasmonic coupling and electrical current induced annealing and desorption of surface adsorbates. With 1V applied voltage, photoconductivity is positive except a(More)
Dielectric films embedded with two-dimensional (2-D) arrays of metal nanoparticles have been fabricated by electro deposition of silver into nanopores of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) films. Their pore diameter and inter-pore spacing are 80 nm and 20 nm, respectively. With its photoconductivity, the specimen has a higher conductance when being illuminated by(More)