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Genetic study on important traits of tea is difficult because of its self-incompatibility in nature. Moreover, development of a new variety usually needs more than 20 years, since it takes many years from seedling to matured plants for trait investigation. Genetic map is an essential tool for genetic study and breeding. In this study, we have developed an(More)
Tea (Camellia sinensis) is an important economic crop in Taiwan. Particularly, two major commercial types of tea (Paochong tea and Oolong tea) which are produced in Taiwan are famous around the world, and they must be manufactured with specific cultivars. Nevertheless, many elite cultivars have been illegally introduced to foreign countries. Because of the(More)
Taipei Feitsui Reservoir supplies drinking water to more than five million citizens in northern Taiwan. The Feitsui Reservoir Administration and Tea Research and Extension Station have implemented a new pollution control measure for the use of low-phosphorous (low-P) fertilizers to prevent eutrophication. In this study, we compared the quality of the soil,(More)
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