Chih-Wei Liu

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Due to well matching the frequency characteristics of human ears, ANSI S1.11 1/3-octave filter bank is popular in acoustic applications, such as acoustic analyzers and equalizers. It is also desirable in hearing aids because the famous hearing aid prescription formula, NAL-NL1, prescribes its gains at ANSI 1/3-octave frequencies. However, the high(More)
An n-bit fixed-width multiplier keeps the input-width and output-width the same by truncating the n least significant output bits. In order to reduce the complexity, direct-truncation multipliers omit the half of the partial products corresponding to the truncated part. However, a large truncation error will be introduced. Thus, error compensation, which(More)
The ANSI S1.11 1/3-octave filter bank is suitable for digital hearing aids, but its large group delay and high computational complexity complicate matters considerably. This study presents a 10-ms 18-band quasi-ANSI S1.11 1/3-octave filter bank for processing 24 kHz audio signals. We first discuss a filter order optimization algorithm to define the(More)
Growth and productivity of rice (Oryza sativa L.) are severely affected by salinity. Understanding the mechanisms that protect rice and other important cereal crops from salt stress will help in the development of salt-stress-tolerant strains. In this study, rice seedlings of the same genetic species with various salt tolerances were studied. We first used(More)
Mitotic spindles are microtubule-based structures, but increasing evidence indicates that filamentous actin (F-actin) and F-actin-based motors are components of these structures. ADD1 (adducin-1) is an actin-binding protein that has been shown to play important roles in the stabilization of the membrane cortical cytoskeleton and cell-cell adhesions. In this(More)
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOFMS) is a rapid and sensitive tool for characterizing a wide variety of biomolecules. However, invisible "sweet spots" that form during heterogeneous cocrystallization minimize the analytical throughput and affect the reproducibility of MALDI analysis. In this study,(More)
RATIONALE Ubiquitination of proteins plays an important role in regulating a myriad of physiological functions in plants such as xylogenesis, senescence, cell cycle control, and stress response. However, only a limited number of proteins in plants have been identified as being ubiquitinated in response to salt stress. The relationships between(More)
Technologies for handheld devices with open-platforms have made rapid progresses recently which gives rise to the necessities of bringing embedded system education and training material up to date. Android system plays a leading role among all of the open-platforms for embedded systems and makes impacts on daily usages of mobile devices. In this paper, we(More)