Chih-Wei Hung

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BACKGROUND Seizures are one of the most important neurologic complications of human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV)-negative cryptococcal meningitis. A better understanding of the risk associated factors can help predict those who will require treatment. METHODS This 22-year retrospective study enrolled 180 patients. Prognostic variables independently(More)
INTRODUCTION The adverse effects of delayed admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) have been recognized in previous studies. However, the definitions of delayed admission varies across studies. This study proposed a model to define "delayed admission", and explored the effect of ICU-waiting time on patients' outcome. METHODS This retrospective cohort(More)
⎯This paper proposes a bandwidth allocation process for a single broadband network traffic source. In recent years, broadband traffic source has been proved that it has self-similarity and self-similar model that is well fit to the broadband network traffic sources. The bandwidth allocation problem is very important in network planning. The network planning(More)
In this work, a Truck Class II series hydraulic hybrid model is established. Dynamic Programming (DP) methodology is applied to derive the optimal power-splitting factor for the hybrid system for preselected driving schedules. Implementable rules are derived by extracting the optimal trajectory features from a DP scheme. The system behaviors illustrate that(More)
In this paper, we present a new erase gate disturb mechanism during programming of selected cell for split-gate Flash memory. This type of disturb occurs on the programmed cell sharing the same erase gate as the selected cell. The disturb is due to electron-loss from floating gate to erase gate caused by low-field Fowler-Norheim (F-N) tunneling. We proposed(More)
Recently, electric power steering systems (EPS) are developed to compensate the transmitted steering forces according to the applied torque. To measure the torque via wireless sensing, the purpose of this study is to investigate a measurement system with two SAW sensors via wireless RF signals. In this implementation, the SAW sensors are attached on a(More)
The sensor node in Wireless Sensor Network is with the characteristics of low power consumption, but the sensor node can't be rechargeable. Therefore, the consumed of power is limited. How to effectively control the power of the sensor node and extend the life time of the whole network become a very important issue.
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