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PURPOSE Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is among the most lethal human malignancies, and curative therapy is not an option for most patients. There is growing interest in the potential benefit of combining targeted therapies with radiation therapy (RT). This study aimed to characterize the efficacy and mechanism of an investigational drug, dovitinib, used in(More)
The serine-threonine protein phosphatase family members are known as critical regulators of various cellular functions, such as survival and transformation. Growing evidence suggests that pharmacological manipulation of phosphatase activity exhibits therapeutic benefits. Ser/Thr protein phosphatase 5 (PP5) is known to participate in glucocorticoid receptor(More)
Palbociclib, a CDK4/6 inhibitor, has recently been approved for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients. The effects of palbociclib as a treatment for other malignancies, including hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), are of great clinical interest and are under active investigation. Here, we report the effects and a novel mechanism of action of(More)
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