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— Wireless sensor network is an emerging technology that enables remote monitoring objects and environment. This paper proposes a protocol to track a mobile object in a sensor network dynamically. The previous researches almost focus on how to track object accurately and they do not consider the query for mobile sources. Additionally, they need not report(More)
With the growing demand in e-learning, numerous research works have been done to enhance teaching quality in e-learning environments. Among these studies, researchers have indicated that adaptive learning is a critical requirement for promoting the learning performance of students. Adaptive learning provides adaptive learning materials, learning strategies(More)
—Service discovery is a crucial operation for the usabil-ity of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Traditional solutions to service discovery that were adopted on the Internet are not well suited for MANETs because of their dynamic nature. This paper presents a novel service discovery protocol based on a hierarchical grid architecture in an ad hoc network.(More)
—Various graphic techniques have been developed to analyze structural errors in rule-based systems that utilize inference (propositional) logic rules. The four typical errors in rule-based systems are 1) redundancy (numerous rule sets resulting in the same conclusion), 2) circularity (a rule leading back to itself), 3) incompleteness (dead ends or a rule(More)
Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enable the daily activities and interests such as dining, medicine, lifestyle, traffic, education and entertainment has recently become a world wide trend. Moreover, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is nowadays one of the most important techniques to realize services in industry. Therefore, we(More)