Chih-Ning Huang

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Patient monitoring systems are gaining their importance as the fast-growing global elderly population increases demands for caretaking. These systems use wireless technologies to transmit vital signs for medical evaluation. In a multihop ZigBee network, the existing systems usually use broadcast or multicast schemes to increase the reliability of signals(More)
Accidental falls are common causes of serious injury and health threats in the elder population. To deliver adequate medical support, the robust and immediate falls detection is important. Since the fall detection in the elderly remains a major challenge in the public health domain, effective fall-detection will provide urgent support and dramatically(More)
Since elderly obliviousness causes social inconvenience and psychical complaint, elders often forget daily schedules and miss their personal belongings such pillboxes or keys. Recently, technological advancements have spurred various ideas and innovations to apply on elder independent living. In this article, we proposed an intelligent RFID (Radio Frequency(More)
Falls are the primary cause of accidents among the elderly and frequently cause fatal and non-fatal injuries associated with a large amount of medical costs. Fall detection using wearable wireless sensor nodes has the potential of improving elderly telecare. This investigation proposes a ZigBee-based location-aware fall detection system for elderly telecare(More)
Falls are the primary cause of accidents for the elderly in the living environment. Reducing hazards in the living environment and performing exercises for training balance and muscles are the common strategies for fall prevention. However, falls cannot be avoided completely; fall detection provides an alarm that can decrease injuries or death caused by the(More)
Since the rapid exchange of information and collaboration with colleagues are indispensable for the quality of care. Effective communication between care givers has been recognized as a critical factor on the high quality of patient care. Communication in medical environment is often intense and time critical, including laboratory result, complex(More)