Chih-Mou Shih

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The existing IETF standards specify that the network communications can be protected with IPsec authentication header (AH). However, the current specification didn't resolve the problem of automatic key management. Even though several solutions have been proposed, such as CGA and ABK, the implementations for IPv6 are still far away from completeness. This(More)
Internet applications over the becoming standard IPv6 network have been increased significantly. Together with the rapid growth of mobile devices, a secure wireless IPv6 environment is needed. Current security methods, including EAP, 802.1x, Radius, etc., are still inadequate. In this paper, we study the security issues of IPv6, and its threats in the(More)
After publication of this work [1], we noted that we inadvertently failed to include the complete list of all coau-thors. The full list of authors has now been added and the Authors' contributions and Competing interests section modified accordingly. Authors' contributions SJK prepared for the manuscript and study coordination; IPH prepared for building up(More)
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