Chih-Ming Cheng

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Low motor activity levels and prolonged episodes of uninterrupted immobility are characteristics of sleep. In clinical practice, the use of polysomnographic (PSG) recording is a standard procedure to assess sleep. However, PSG is not suitable for long-term monitoring in the home environment. This paper describes the development of a portable telemonitoring(More)
Abl tyrosine kinase (Abl) regulates axon guidance by modulating actin dynamics. Abelson interacting protein (Abi), originally identified as a kinase substrate of Abl, also plays a key role in actin dynamics, yet its role with respect to Abl in the developing nervous system remains unclear. Here we show that mutations in abi disrupt axonal patterning in the(More)
N No ot te e: : T Th hi is s p pa ap pe er r i is s p pr re es se en nt te ed d a at t I In nt te er rn na at ti io on na al l C Co on nf fe er re en nc ce e o on n S Sy ys st te em ms s, , M Ma an n a an nd d C Cy yb be er rn ne et ti ic cs s, , H Abstract Snoring analysis is important for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders(More)
Gene expression signatures can be developed as comprehensive pathway readouts and used as pharmacodynamic or patient-stratification biomarkers. While a consensus on the best practices for selecting gene expression signatures from microarray data is evolving, we have developed basic guidelines to ensure consistency and quality. Here we illustrate these(More)
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