Chih-Ming Cheng

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Snoring analysis is important for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD). Snoring has traditionally been assessed in clinical practice from subjective accounts by the snorer and his/her partner. The use of polysomnographic recording is a standard evaluation procedure for SRBD patients. However, it is expensive and is not(More)
Although the usefulness of telehomecare has been recognized, and all technologies required are readily available, expectations for its widespread adoption have not been realized. This paper presents the development of a portable telehomecare monitoring system (PTMS). What sets this work apart from most other systems is the focus on a highly decentralized(More)
Low motor activity levels and prolonged episodes of uninterrupted immobility are characteristics of sleep. In clinical practice, the use of polysomnographic (PSG) recording is a standard procedure to assess sleep. However, PSG is not suitable for long-term monitoring in the home environment. This paper describes the development of a portable telemonitoring(More)
The First Intensive Balkan Telemedicine and e-Health Seminar was held in the war-ravaged capital of Kosova, Prishtina, in 2002. This event was created under the auspices of the International Virtual e Hospital (IVeH). This organization, the brain child of Rifat Latifi, M.D., was established with the intent to establish a medical capability using(More)
OBJECTIVE This article presents the development of a telehealthcare decision support system (TDSS) for patients discharged from the hospital, where symptom data are important indications of the recovery progress for patients. Symptom data are difficult to quantify in a telehealthcare application scenario because the observations and perceptions on symptoms(More)
OBJECTIVE Expert systems have been widely used in medical and healthcare practice for various purposes. In addition to vital sign data, important concerns in telehealthcare include the compliance with the measurement prescription, the accuracy of vital sign measurements, and the functioning of vital sign meters and home gateways. However, few expert system(More)
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