Chih-Ming Cheng

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Low motor activity levels and prolonged episodes of uninterrupted immobility are characteristics of sleep. In clinical practice, the use of polysomnographic (PSG) recording is a standard procedure to assess sleep. However, PSG is not suitable for long-term monitoring in the home environment. This paper describes the development of a portable telemonitoring(More)
N No ot te e: : T Th hi is s p pa ap pe er r i is s p pr re es se en nt te ed d a at t I In nt te er rn na at ti io on na al l C Co on nf fe er re en nc ce e o on n S Sy ys st te em ms s, , M Ma an n a an nd d C Cy yb be er rn ne et ti ic cs s, , H Abstract Snoring analysis is important for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders(More)
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