Chih-Lung Shen

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In this paper, a double-linear approximation algorithm (DLAA) to achieve maximum-power-point tracking (MPPT) for photovoltaic (PV) arrays is proposed. The DLAA is based on the approximation that the maximum power point varies linearly with irradiation and temperature. With the DLAA, a maximum power point can be determined instantaneously. Moreover,(More)
In this paper, an integrated three-voltage-booster DC-DC (direct current to direct current) converter is proposed to achieve high voltage gain for renewable-energy generation systems. The proposed converter integrates three voltage-boosters into one power stage, which is composed of an active switch, a coupled-inductor, five diodes, and five capacitors. As(More)
This paper presents a novel interleaved converter (NIC) with extra-high voltage gain to process the power of low-voltage renewable-energy generators such as photovoltaic (PV) panel, wind turbine, and fuel cells. The NIC can boost a low input voltage to a much higher voltage level to inject renewable energy to DC bus for grid applications. Since the NIC has(More)
An electric igniter for engine/hybrid vehicles is presented. The igniter comprises a flyback converter, a voltage-stacked capacitor, a PIC-based controller, a differential voltage detector, and an ignition coil, of which structure is non-contact type. Since the electric igniter adopts a capacitor to accumulate energy for engine ignition instead of(More)
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