Chih-Lin Chen

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An all-MOS ASK demodulator with a wide bandwidth for lower industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band applications is presented. The chip area is reduced without using any passive element. It is very compact to be integrated in a system-on-chip for wireless biomedical applications, particularly in biomedical implants. Because of low area cost and low(More)
This work presents a multi-channel high voltage analog multiplexer with digital calibration for battery management systems (BMS). For a high voltage battery management systems, the front end circuit must be able to accommodate input voltage up to tens of volts, perhaps even hundreds of volts. To realize a possible solution on silicon, the front end of BMS(More)
Data retention is a major issue that significantly affects the reliability of Flash memories. In this work, the method of P-Well-Inside stress with a low electric field was used to effectively detect the stress induced leakage current that caused single bit retention due to non-optimized process in NOR-type floating-gate Flash memories. Based on the(More)